Stories by Ian Paul

Panasonic's gigantic 4K tablet will make your wallet weep in January

A full year after making its debut at CES 2013, Panasonic's jaw-dropping 20-inch, 4K-resolution Windows tablet will finally land on US store shelves in January. Panasonic has yet to release a specific debut date, but don't get too excited - you probably can't afford one anyway. With a $US6000 price tag, the Toughpad 4K UT-MB5 slate is squarely targeted at the professional market.

Nexus 5 rumour roundup: Everything you need to know

If you need to keep a secret, don't share it with anyone at Google. Thanks to a large number of leaks, (including several from Google itself) we already know most of the basic details about the as-yet-unannounced Nexus 5 smartphone: specs, colors, operating system, and even pricing. The only question mark still lingering is when the thing will be actually be available.

'3D gun' seized by UK police may have just been printer parts

Homemade guns have become one of the leading bogeymen of 3D printing. Critics fear that once 3D printing goes mainstream, there will be little to stop criminals from creating their own firearms at home before going out on the town for a night's mayhem.

Mobile phones, meet uncrackable quantum cryptography

There may soon come a time when nearly uncrackable secret information can be beamed straight to your smartphone. No, we're not talking about handsets loaded with GPG keys or two-factor authentication apps, but the waaaaaay far out ideas behind quantum cryptography, the incredibly secure communication technology capable of locking down messages far more tightly than Lavabit ever could.

Microsoft details 3D printing in Windows 8.1

With companies like MakerBot creating digitizers aimed at making 3D printing easier, Microsoft is betting that we'll all be printing offYoda figurines and retirement gifts from our desktops soon.

Amazon quietly launches complete 3D printing store

Amazon is helping to push 3D printing into the mainstream with a new section on its site dedicated to the miniature manufacturing plants. The online shopping giant joins Staples, which in early May became the first major U.S. retailer to sell a 3D printer.