Stories by John Webster

Solid state disk - revolution or flash-in-the-pan?

At last month's EMC World, CEO Joe Tucci stood before an audience of thousands and proclaimed solid state disk (SSD) as the next big storage disruptor. Shortly thereafter, I heard a Sun executive predict that by 2010, SSD would dominate the storage industry, or something like that. (see " Sun confirms plan to ship solid-state drives in 2008 ").

Patent lawsuit a lose-lose for NetApp, Sun

Law suits sparked by patent infringement claims are risky ventures. They hardly ever make either party look good, and they are anything but sure bets as revenue producers - unless you're an attorney. Therefore, when they do happen, those involved usually go out of their way to keep all but the essential facts of the case from public view. Not so with the current sue-me-sue-you spat between Network Appliance and Sun. Here we have Dave Hitz of NetApp and Jonathan Schwartz of Sun <a href="">arguing</a> their cases blogospherically and in conflicting detail.