Stories by Loek Essers

Computer technology tops list of worldwide patent applications

Computer technology accounted for more patent applications in recent years than any other industry sector tracked by the World Intellectual Property Organization, although the number of digital communication patent applications grew faster. Industrial design registrations are also growing -- and while Apple aggressively asserts its design rights in courtrooms, it does not file the most applications for such rights.

HP releases two beta versions of open-source webOS

Hewlett-Packard released two beta versions of its open source webOS on Friday: one for developers that runs on the Ubuntu Linux desktop, and one for the "OpenEmbedded" development environment, intended to help developers port webOS to new devices.

Samsung invests $976 million in ASML for tech to build smaller chips

Following Intel and contract chip maker Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), Samsung Electronics will invest €779 million (US$976 million) in the Dutch chip manufacturing equipment maker ASML to further development of next-generation lithography technology that should enable faster and more power-efficient chips.

ARM upgrades Cortex-M0 processor for low-power applications

ARM has introduced a new chip design, the Cortex-M0+, which will be used to control or monitor objects like interactive fridges, car engine systems, smart lighting and medical monitoring equipment. The 32-bit processor uses about one-third of the energy used by existing 8- or 16- bit processors, according to ARM.The Cortex-M0+ is a microcontroller unit, a small computer with a processor core and memory on a single integrated circuit. It is designed for embedded systems, where there is an increasing demand for such chips in devices including smart sensors.