Stories by Jim Damoulakis

Growing cynicism around going green

Evidence is mounting of a growing cynicism regarding green initiatives within the IT infrastructure space. We may be reaching a point where vendor hype has hit a saturation point and beginning to meet with customer resistance. While there is a genuine concern about data center power consumption, particularly with regard to accommodating increasingly dense technology footprints, the larger concern for most, particularly in the current climate, is controlling costs.

Finding a home for orphaned storage

An often-expressed frustration, particularly in large IT shops, is the difficulty in locating, identifying, and reclaiming orphaned storage. It seems that everyone in the organization inherently knows that there is storage out there that is not being used, but finding it and, even worse, redeploying it tends to be a significant undertaking.

Quicker backup: Can VTLs keep up with tape?

In the backup world today, the conventional wisdom is that disk is fast and tape is slow. While it is usually true that introducing disk into the backup storage chain increases performance, it is not always quite so simple. Architecture and engineering design considerations must still be applied to ensure that the introduction of disk actually meets the desired goals.