Stories by Michael Gartenberg

A road warrior's guide to netbooks

The netbook is one of the most interesting categories on the market. These small laptops can do most of the jobs of their big brothers while costing under US$500. For some people, such as students, a netbook can be a primary computer. For a business user, it might be a second PC for use when traveling or commuting. Here are five tips to help pick the right one for your needs.

Why the iPhone Is Apple's Trojan Horse

Apple's new <a href="">iPhone 3G</a> arrived a few weeks ago. Did you miss the <a href="">news</a> ? Not likely. It was everywhere. There were rave <a href="">reviews</a> about the new hardware and features, all delivered at a much lower price than the original <a href="">iPhone</a>.

What 2006 holds in store for IT

Well, it's a new year. Whenever the family gathers by the glow of the high-definition display and the warmth of new high-tech gear fills our homes and offices, I know it's time to take a look at what's going to happen in the world of IT in the year ahead.

Opinion: Perfect storm brewing for Microsoft?

THERE&#8217;S no doubt in anyone's mind that Microsoft firmly controls the PC desktop market for business and consumer users, but a potential perfect storm is brewing. It could allow competitors to turn the tide against the software maker for the first time if Microsoft doesn't take action.