Stories by Bryan Betts

Virtual server to manage unified comms

Covergence has introduced a session manager for unified comms that is delivered as a virtual appliance. The virtual session manager can handle tasks such as VoIP call routing, security and interoperability for enterprises or carriers, the company said.

Toshiba releases slim Portege

Toshiba plans to put a polite boot into Apple's hyped Macbook Air with a new version of its Portégé R500 notebook featuring built-in 3G mobile broadband.

Sony Ericsson adds global 3G modem

Sony Ericsson has introduced a "world standard" 3G USB modem, and has extended its relationship with Google by announcing its first mobile phone with Google Maps and RSS newsfeeds as standard.

HP pledges switches for life

HP ProCurve has introduced a high-end core switch pitched against Cisco's Catalyst 6509 and 4507, and offered with a lifetime warranty.

IBM reveals data masking service

Just a few weeks after it announced plans to buy data management specialist Princeton Softech, IBM has introduced a service to mask sensitive customer data so it can safely be used for application testing and QA.

D-Link ships dirt-cheap PoE switch

D-Link is the latest networking vendor to push Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to SMBs and small offices. The company's latest DES-1008P 10/100 switch can supply up to 15.4W of power on four of its eight ports, and lists for just US$161.

Sony files patent on liquid airbag

Sony has filed for a U.S. patent on a liquid airbag for electronics - in particular, for hard disks. The idea is that the electronics will be wrapped in a fluid-filled bag so if the outer case suffers a shock, the liquid acts as a cushion.

Web 2.0 apps riddled with holes

New browser-based application technologies are opening new security holes, warned SPI Dynamics, as it launched a re-engineered version of its SOA/Web 2.0 security testing software Webinspect this week.

Web 2.0 can be hijacked, claims Fortify

Many web applications written using the popular AJAX programming technique are vulnerable to a JavaScript hijacking attack, security company Fortify Software has claimed.