Stories by Brennon Slattery

Windows 8 coming in 2012?

Just as you were getting comfortable with Windows 7, it looks like Windows 8 is coming in the next two years. In a post celebrating the one-year anniversary of Windows 7 -- the fastest selling OS in history -- Microsoft's Dutch Web site briefly mentioned the construction and release of its successor:

iPad, tablets cannibalising laptop, netbook sales

Laptop sales are decreasing, and it looks like the iPad is to blame. It's well known that the iPad has essentially destroyed the netbook, plummeting its sales into the negative, but now tablets are eating away at higher-end and less-portable laptop sales.

Blu-ray: Strong Start for 2009

Blu-ray has had a tumultuous past, but after its showing at the <a href="">2009 Consumer Electronics Show</a> that ended Sunday, the technology shows great promise.

Recession hits Blu-ray where it counts

Tech analysts predict a cold winter for Blu-ray. Roger Kay, President of <a href="">Endpoint Technologies Associates,</a> says Blu-ray sales will experience a dramatic drop during the holiday season and beyond, delaying the adoption process and putting the serious hurt on sales.