Stories by Tim Greene

PC sales down, Windows 8 shares the blame

Customers holding back until Windows 8 is released, as well as businesses completing the refresh of their inventories, triggered a drop in PC sales over the past three months as compared to last year, a dip that may recover by year-end, experts say.

Windows 8 Enterprise holds bag of goodies

The enterprise version of Windows 8 will include a list of exclusive features, among them a desktop that is bootable from a USB stick, a standby VPN, a caching tool to boost branch-office download performance and upgraded virtual desktop client.

Citrix simplifies Cloud service management

Citrix is shipping a new version of its Cloud management software, CloudStack, that makes it simpler for service providers and large businesses to manage and provision Cloud services.

IEEE suffers a data breach

The Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers suffered a data breach last year that compromised credit card information of 828 people who registered for an IEEE conference.

Extreme takes aim at secure mobile networking

Extreme Networks is going mobile. The company today wheeled out a roadmap that will steer the company's product line toward mobile device and application access, availability and management support.

Avaya upgrades ACE software

<a href="">Avaya</a> is announcing a software add-on for <a href="">Microsoft</a>'s <a href="">Office Communicator</a> clients that make the clients interoperable with Avaya's IP PBXs - something that can save businesses money, the company says.