Stories by Lincoln Spector

The top 10 Windows 8 questions everyone asks

You've finally made the leap to Windows 8 (or, more probably, Windows 8.1), and a pretty big leap it was. Everything looks different. Everything acts differently. Even a simple task like shutting down your PC suddenly becomes a challenge.

Sharp LC-52D85U 52-inch LCD HDTV

Design is not the Sharp's LC-52D85U ($2300, as of November 4, 2008) strong point. The on-screen menus, the remote, and even the manual could have used a once-over to make them more friendly. But this model does well on the most important criterion, image quality.

LG Electronics 42PG25 42-Inch Plasma HDTV

LG Electronics' 42PG25 boasts an attractive price (US$1000 as of November 4, 2008) and impressive features. This plasma HDTV produced good-looking images, too, though it struggled a bit with fast-motion video.

Pioneer Elite BDP-95FD Blu-ray Disc player

Compared with other players we've tested, Pioneer charges a high premium for its Elite BDP-95FD--US$1000 (as of 4/24/08), or more than twice the price of some players we've reviewed. The price would make sense if you were paying by the pound: This sucker is heavy (14.3 pounds).

Philips BDP7200/37 Blu-ray Disc player

When I saw how good the Blu-ray version of The Searchers looked on Philips' US$400 (as of 4/24/08) BDP7200, I jotted down the notation, "looks like VistaVision"--because that's truly how clear and crisp I found the image.

Samsung BD-P1400 Blu-ray Disc player

The Samsung BD-P1400 (US$400 as of 4/24/08) is, at this point, one of the older Blu-ray Disc players currently available. And its features reflect this: It lacks both BonusView for picture-in-picture playback and BD-Live for accessing Internet-connected content.

Notebooks tempt as prices drop

Not long ago, notebook computers were expensive accessories for traveling executives. Now, it's not a surprise to find many choices priced under US$1,000.