Stories by Jeffery Battersby

Microsoft Word for iOS review: This classic word processor shines on every device

A few months back, when Microsoft first released Word for iPad, there were wildly varying responses, from, "Who cares and who uses Word any more?" to "I've been waiting forever for this!" to "Wait, what? I have to pay to use this app?" But, no matter what camp you were in, there was one reality: Word for iPad was (and is) an excellent iOS word processor--an Office app for your iOS device that offers substantial document creation and editing tools, with an interface that's clutter-free, so creating and editing documents on your iPad is a cinch.

QuickBooks Accounting 2009

QuickBooks Accounting 2009 is the latest version of Intuit's small business accounting application and, as noted in our First Look, a significant upgrade to a program that has remained relatively unchanged for almost a decade. Compared to those earlier versions, QuickBooks 2009 is a major improvement, but it's an update that's incomplete and which has several shortcomings that are likely to leave many users wondering what on earth Intuit is thinking. In the interest of brevity let's clear the deck:

QuickBooks Accounting 2009 for Mac

One look at the newly-released QuickBooks Accounting 2009 for Mac, and you can tell this isn't like any recent version of Intuit's accounting program. In fact, this Leopard-compatible version of QuickBooks--the first Mac update to the product in two years--marks the application's most radical redesign since long before the days when Intuit stopped updating its Mac accounting application to focus on monetarily greener pastures. Even when QuickBooks returned to the Mac platform in 2003, it retained the look-and-feel of previous versions; not so the 2009 edition.