Stories by Michelle Mastin

HP Pavilion x360 review: A mediocre hybrid laptop in a pretty red case

As any bloviating tech pundit will tell you, tablets are poised to take over the mobile computing space. Meanwhile, back in the real world, few of us are willing to part with actual keyboards. Lenovo recognized this early and rolled out the Yoga. HP is the latest manufacturer to follow its lead with the Pavilion x360, a laptop with a hinge that allows its keyboard to fold all the way to the back of its display to become a chunky tablet.

Toshiba Encore 8: Good cameras and HDMI-out in a chunky chassis

There's a disappointing degree of uniformity in the Windows tablet market. Nearly all the devices use the same processor, feature the same-resolution display, and deliver the same amount of memory and storage. So I'm happy to see Toshiba's differentiating its Encore 8 by providing a mini-HDMI port and boosting the resolution of its rear camera to 8 megapixels. Unfortunately, this 8-inch tablet also stands out by being thicker and heavier than its competition.

Lenovo ThinkPad X240: A no-nonsense business laptop

If Lenovo's spendy ThinkPad X1 Carbon is the laptop every corporate drone craves, Lenovo's thrifty ThinkPad X240 is the laptop their employer is more apt to spring for (assuming, of course, that the company's IT department has standardized on Lenovo and not Dell, HP, Toshiba, or some other commercial laptop builder).

Dell Venue 8 Pro review: Windows 8.1 in a pint-sized package

Miniature tablets are becoming more and more popular, with devices like Google's Nexus 7 and Apple's iPad mini in the vanguard. Acer tried to bring Windows to the mini form with its Iconia W3 earlier this year, but that tablet was hampered by an awful screen, a bulky chassis, and a slow processor.