Stories by Johna Till Johnson

An accuracy check on last year's predictions

Seems like January 2008 was a long time ago -- and maybe that's a good thing. On the bright side, a historic presidential election definitively broke the mold of "old white guys" battling it out. But then there was the global financial meltdown, the worst terrorist attack since 9/11, and across-the-board layoffs in the tech industry. Overall, most of us are pretty happy last year is over.

Calculating the cost of communicating

At a recent trade show, I happened to mention that some of my more forward-looking clients have created "communications calculators" that enable them to predict -- with a high degree of accuracy -- what the communications costs will be for moving or adding employees. Let's say a business unit owner wants to shift 5,000 employees from site A to site B -- how will that affect communications costs?

Dilbert, the DMCA and the Internet bubble video

Radiohead recently rocked the music industry by making its latest album downloadable for free, or more accurately, for "whatever fans wanted to pay." The band was lauded for ushering in a new business model that disintermediated record companies and created a closer, more authentic bond between artists and fans.