Stories by Sharon Fisher

EMC opens Documentum to vendors

EMC has released an OEM version of its Documentum content management system. It will enable independent software vendors to embed the system in their applications, allowing users easier operation to integrate the applications with each other and with their Documentum repositories.

Microsoft Data Protection Manager beta

Microsoft is making available on its website a public beta of a new version of its System Center Data Protection Manager backup and recovery software that includes more advanced integrated support of Microsoft applications and tape backup.

EMC, NetApp unveil data classification tools

EMC this week brought out software that it says can help users manage unstructured files. The new tool can help users in efforts to comply with government regulations like the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and HIPAA,. EMC said.

EMC links content, security software from acquisitions

EMC has announced that it has integrated content and digital rights management software from two of its acquisitions in an effort to give companies better control over their data, even if the information is sent to someone outside the corporate firewall.