Stories by Lisa Hoover

Seven open-source Mac apps you need right now

Your company-or your users-have decided that at least one department's computing needs are best met with shiny new Macs. Or perhaps you've seen <a href="">the financial benefits of adopting Apple products</a>. Now, what applications are you going to put on them? There are loads of options that are tailor-made for the enterprise, but seven open-source solutions really stand out from the pack as must-haves for the Mac users in your workplace.

VMWare offers Leopard users Fusion update

Virtualization is a hot topic right now, and Apple has taken notice. Leopard ships with an <a href="">embedded version of Boot Camp</a> to allow users to run their own copy of <a href="">Windows XP</a> (Service Pack 2) or <a href="">Windows Vista</a> on the Mac.