Stories by Don Marti

Red Hat and Amazon bring RHEL to the cloud

The new Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.1 will be available as the OS platform for physical servers, virtual servers, appliances, and, in a new move for the company, as virtual servers on Amazon's EC2 service, Red Hat announced Wednesday.

Linux contributor base broadens

As the number of Linux kernel contributors continues to grow, core developers are finding themselves mostly managing and checking, not coding, said Greg Kroah-Hartman, maintainer of USB and PCI support in Linux and co-author of Linux Device Drivers, in a talk at the Linux Symposium in Ottawa last week.

Windows-free PCs for Linux users from Dell and Lenovo

Two leading hardware vendors, Dell and Lenovo, are quietly selling laptops without preloaded MicrosoftWindows to Linux customers who know where to look, says Lincoln Durey, CEO of EmperorLinux, an Atlanta reseller that customises, installs and supports Linux on the major-brand laptops it sells.

GPL Java smooths business integration

Sun's has said it will apply the GNU General Public License (GPL) to Java. This means simpler integration of Java-based business code into the Linux environment, according to application developers.