Stories by GamePro staff

PlayStation 2 still dominating PS3, Xbox 360

Since its inception in late 2000 Sony's PlayStation 2 has sold a reported 115 million units worldwide making it the best selling console in history. And given its affordable price and large library of games, it shows no signs of slowing.

TV tuner, recorder for PS3 in 2008

Sony extended the functionality of both the PS3 and PSP at Germany's Games Convention this week including a personal video recorder for PS3 and a satellite navigation accessory and messaging service for PSP.

PS3 loses neutral player to HD DVD

Paramount Pictures has announced it will drop support for Sony's Blu-ray high definition format in favour of exclusively supporting the Microsoft-backed HD DVD. The decision further complicates the race between the competing technologies.

Blu-ray outpacing HD DVD sales

Sales of Blu-ray high-definition discs exceeded sales of the rival HD-DVD format in the first half of 2007 by a margin of two to one in the US according to Home Media Research.

Sony claims ultra-low PS3 failure rate

PS3 failure rates are "around .02 percent" according to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe founder, Chris Deering while speaking at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival this week.

Hard-drive-only Xbox 360 games

Microsoft announced on Monday that it would soon allow MMO developers to require hard drive space when playing games on Xbox 360 despite the console maker's previous denial of such claims.

80GB PS3 now available

Sony has announced that 80GB PS3 models bundled with MotorStorm are now available online and at brick-and-mortar retailers for US$599. 60GB PS3 models for $499 are available until supplies last.

Games analyst: E3 show disappointing

In the spirit of "who won E3" from year's past, GamePro speaks with respected industry analyst Michael Pachter on which of the big three console makers had the best showing this year.

New play modes for Wii sports games

EA unveiled plans to offer two unique control modes for future Wii sports games made by the publisher. "Family Play" will enable simplified control schemes for casual gamers while "Advanced Play" offers more control for experienced gamers.