Stories by GamePro staff

Source: Xbox 360 price cut and motion controller

Xbox 360 Fanboy is reporting that a "source close to Microsoft's marketing department" is running their mouth today about not only a US$199 price cut for the console, but a motion controller pack being released in a couple of months.

Greenpeace: Consoles contain environmental toxins

Games consoles contain toxic chemicals that would not be allowed in young children's toys, even though the technology to eliminate them is available, according to a study by environmental lobby group Greenpeace. However, manufacturers are starting to eliminate some toxic chemicals from their products, Greenpeace said.

Target pulls Manhunt 2 from stores

Target says the unlockable "adult only" content of the PSP version of Manhunt 2 doesn't appeal to its audience and so it has removed the game from its stores.

Cheaper 40GB PlayStation 3 all but confirmed

Rumors of a cheaper 40GB PS3 first surfaced in <a href="">early September</a> after an insider source claimed it was coming. Later in the month, Sky News revealed the <a href="">alleged manufacturer</a> of the new model.

Halo 3 under the microscope

There's no denying it -- Halo 3 is the biggest videogame in history. No other game has had as much hype, built-up fan anticipation nor the marketing push -- try US$10 million in marketing campaigns alone -- as the last chapter of the premiere franchise in console gaming.