Stories by Julian Bajkowski

Australian government warms to open source

IT vendors pushing costly proprietary software lock-ins have been warned that feeding at the A$4.2 billion (US$3.2 billion) IT trough of the Australian taxpayer is over and a strict and a new procurement diet for vendors will be personally enforced by the Special Minister of State, Senator Eric Abetz.

Alarm bells sound over user group sponsorships

IT user groups must be careful about what they ask of vendors or risk losing the support of their members and leverage over the very vendors they seek to influence, users, analysts, developers and the Australian Computer Society warned last week.

Oracle shopping spree shelves users

As the litigious saga of Oracle Corporation's attempt to take over PeopleSoft yields a near-daily list of salacious ambitions from the vendor community and media alike, Australian IT users caught up in the fray seem to be taking it all in their stride.