Stories by Brandon Butler

Three things Oracle has done to become a big Cloud player

Oracle had a busy couple of weeks at the end of June, rolling out a new version of its database software and announcing partnerships with Microsoft, and NetSuite. In doing so the company – who's CEO Larry Ellison at one time bemoaned Cloud computing – has almost overnight become a major player in the industry. Here's why.

Hey Amazon: Where's your private Cloud?

The public Cloud computing market is becoming increasingly competitive with new entrants focusing on hybrid offerings that combine public and private clouds. That's leaving some asking the market-leading public Cloud provider, Amazon Web Services, where its private Cloud offering is.

EMC teams with Avaya (not Cisco) on communication pods

Two stalwarts in the enterprise IT market joined forces today to release a unified communications stack that integrates hardware from EMC, virtualization technology from VMware and communications apps from Avaya. Perhaps most interesting about the news, though, is a company that was not involved: Cisco.

Red Hat doubles down on platform as a service (PaaS)

In the cloud world of the future, some companies will want public cloud resources while others will want private clouds on their own premises, says Ashesh Badani, general manager of Red Hat's cloud business unit. That's why Red Hat has a cloud strategy that incorporates both public and private platform as a service (PaaS) clouds, and it has big plans for those products this year.

Cisco releases OpenStack distribution

Further showing its commitment to the OpenStack project, Cisco has rolled out a free distribution of the open source cloud management platform, which it will package other services on top of, including virtual networking and high-availability features.

How Cisco moved along to PaaS

Having on-demand virtual machines for employees is one thing, but that wasn't enough for networking giant Cisco, says Rodrigo Flores, an enterprise architect in the company's intelligent automation business unit.