Stories by Eric Lai

Vista may still have its day

Twenty-one months after its initial release, what do we know about <a href=";searchTerms=Microsoft+Windows+Vista">Windows Vista</a> ? That home users hate it, businesses are uninstalling it and -- according to <a href=";searchTerms=Gartner+Inc.">Gartner Inc.</a> -- it's proof that the 23-year-old Windows line is "collapsing" under its own weight.

Microsoft adds $100M to SUSE Linux support tab

Two years ago, <a href=";searchTerms=Microsoft+Corporation">Microsoft Corp.</a> agreed to buy US$240 million worth of support vouchers for <a href=";searchTerms=Novell+Inc.">Novell Inc.</a>'s SUSE Linux operating system as part of a controversial partnership deal between the two vendors. Now Microsoft is reaching into its pocket again, to the tune of another $100 million.

Top director behind Microsoft Seinfeld ad?

Michel Gondry, the innovative director of films, music videos and numerous TV commercials, is directing at least one of the TV spots starring Jerry Seinfeld touting Microsoft's Windows operating system, according to numerous reports.

The Asus Eee 1000

It often takes high-tech vendors three tries to get a product right. Microsoft Corp. is the best example of this rule of three. (Think of how buggy and insecureWindows XP was until Service Pack 2 came out.) Upstart mini-laptop maker Asustek Computer Inc., it turns out, is another.

Bill Gates down to his last month at Microsoft

The only certainties in life, the saying goes, are death and taxes. But for IT pros and home users alike, there has been a third one for the past three decades: Bill Gates as the leader and public face of Microsoft , the software vendor he co-founded 33 years ago.

Microsoft beefs up offerings in embedded OS market

Microsoft Corp. Tuesday plans to rejigger and expand its Windows Embedded family of operating systems in an attempt to woo developers of handhelds and other devices to help the software vendor combat increasing competition from Linux.

IBM hones in on POS version of Windows

IBM said on Tuesday that it will start installing a rapidly growing retail version of Windows in its computerized point-of-sale (POS) terminals and other devices it markets for use in retail stores and restaurants.