Stories by Eric Lai

New virtual Linux desktop bundle comes 'Microsoft-free'

IBM and Canonical Thursday announced a virtualized software bundle combining Lotus desktop applications running on top of Ubuntu Linux that they say is far cheaper than running Microsoft's Office suite on conventional Windows PCs.

SSDs to stick with SATA 'for quite a while'

Intel's next-generation interface for solid-state drives (SSD) promises to make them faster and last longer, but laptops will continue to use the Serial ATA (SATA) interface in the near-term, say two leading vendors' executives.

SanDisk claims new SSDs will raise speed, endurance

SanDisk on Wednesday announced a new flash memory management system called ExtremeFFS that it says will dramatically improve two of the main weaknesses today in the emerging technology of solid-state drives (SSDs).

Microsoft's (un)secret weapon for winning the BI battle

SQL Server may be one of the most popular databases today, but Microsoft nevertheless remains a laggard in the business intelligence market. It ranked just fifth among BI vendors last year, according to research firm IDC.

Why Microsoft's 'I'm a PC' ads won't attack Apple

By Eric Lai | 19 September, 2008 10:18

In many ways, Apple is already a giant. Its US$118 billion market cap, which briefly surpassed Google's this year, is larger than that of Hewlett-Packard Co. Its sales, which are nearly $31 billion a year, have grown almost 40 percent annually the past five years. And, then there's its mindshare with the general public.

Seinfeld Gates ads are over

By Eric Lai | 18 September, 2008 22:00

The long, oft-baffling "teaser" ads" by Microsoft featuring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates that kicked off two weeks ago are abruptly ending, the company announced, as part two of its US$300 million Windows marketing rehab campaign begins.

Seinfeld-Windows teaser TV ad

By Eric Lai | 07 September, 2008 22:00

The much-hyped Windows commercial starring Jerry Seinfeld and Bill Gates that aired on U.S. television Thursday night left many viewers scratching their heads. That was intentional, said Microsoft .

Microsoft liberalises virtualisation options

By Eric Lai | 03 September, 2008 22:00

As Microsoft officially released its Application Virtualisation 4.5 software, it also announced several licencing changes around virtual desktops and application virtualisation, while omitting a long-anticipated one.

Scented, other 'fashion' PCs hit the catwalk

No two industries appear more dissimilar than those of PCs and fashion. One has long been marketed on style, the other on function. One is dominated by female consumers, the other by male buyers.