Stories by Jeff Bertolucci

Google Chrome OS: Big Brother Google gets bigger

Google's mantra is "Don't be evil." Let's hope it the tech giant means it, because if Chrome OS succeeds in replacing Windows at the world's dominant operating system, Google's sway over the computing world could be exponentially higher than it is today.

Hands On With Google Voice

Chances are you've <a href="">heard or read about Google's phone management system Google Voice</a>, but you're not really sure what it does. There's a good reason for this aura of mystery. Google Voice got its start as a phone service called <a href="">GrandCentral</a>, which the search giant bought in 2007. It's been in beta ever since-but unlike other Google betas that are open to the general public, this one was limited to former GrandCentral users and a select group of industry elite.