Stories by Anh Nguyen

HP: Software innovation more important than cutting costs

Increasing investment in consolidating applications is a growing trend among businesses, according to software giant HP.This is being driven by rationalisation following recent high levels of mergers and acquisition activity, wiht organisations looking to consolidate both hardware and applications. HP cites itself as an example of this trend."[Through mergers and acquisitions] we inherited a lot of applications and we needed to bring some of them to end of life. It gets rid of redundancies," said Mark Sarbiewski, vice-president of application solutions at HP, told Computerworld UK at <a href="">HP Software Universe</a> in Barcelona."A few years ago, we had 7,000 applications. We went on a big rationalisation strategy - we have 2,000 now and I think we can get to 1,200."It is not just M&amp;A that is driving the application rationalisation. Michael Garrett, director of professional services UK and Ireland at HP, said that businesses are also updating their application platform, which indicates that organisations are no longer just looking at making cost savings.

Dell mines social media to build brand

Computer giant <a href="">Dell</a> said it has halved negative sentiment about its brand through the proactive use of social media.

Fujitsu staff cancel 24-hour strike, talks continue

Unite union members at Fujitsu have called off a strike due on Friday as talks take place to solve the UK's first ever national IT workers' strike. The union described the move as a &quot;conciliatory gesture&quot; to allow breathing space for further discussions, on pay, redundancies and pensions, at the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS).