Stories by Craig Mathias

AirMagnet breaks new ground in wireless spectrum analysis

Everyone needs a Wi-Fi spectrum analyzer, but there are times when analyzing cellular spectrum is also essential. Fluke Networks' new AirMagnet Spectrum ES provides a broad range of capability at a very attractive price. Spectral analysis, a longstanding fixture in electronics and manufacturing test, and, more recently as a valuable tool for understanding coverage, interference, and other elements of Wi-Fi, is the art and science of extracting meaning and insight from wireless systems at Layer 1 -- radio waves.

Averail Access aces mobility management test

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) can encompass a broad range of functions, from managing mobile devices, to applications, expenses, personnel, and policies. But perhaps the most important aspect is mobile information/data/content management, tracking the distribution and usage of sensitive organizational data, as well as ensuring appropriate security and policy compliance.

Mobile applications and the future of IT

At the risk of truly reducing my perspective here to the absurd, the reason we buy computers of any form is to run applications. It therefore stands that the reason we buy networks -- wired and wireless -- is to run applications. The whole point of IT is, in fact, to run applications and manage the data they use -- locally, on servers, across enterprise networks and on the Internet.