Stories by Steve Bass

Blu-ray disc — the new VHS?

Hello Blu-ray ... adios, HD DVD. There was no doubt in my mind when I heard that Universal Studios lined up with Warner Bros in its support for Blu-ray. I know Universal is still supporting HD DVD too; see "Universal Denies Reports That It's Leaving HD DVD."

Holiday Tips Extravaganza

My editor, Kim, the one who oversees these newsletters, started kvetching the other day. "More tips," she said, "that's what readers want." I can't argue (and even if I did, it wouldn't do any good). So today, tips that could make your computing life more productive.

Wireless networking – without wi-fi

Want to network your home office or business? Wireless is definitely an option; and if you have the courage, you can crawl under the floor and drag wires from room to room, or pull a cable through the ceiling.