Stories by Daniel Ionescu

Samsung Sets Launch Date For Galaxy S III Smartphone

Samsung has sent out media invites to a launch event on May 3 in London, where the company is expected to introduce its next flagship Android smartphone, dubbed the Galaxy S III. The invitation simply reads: "Come and meet the next Galaxy."

Microsoft, Motorola may work on Windows Phone 7 device

Just days after Microsoft sued Motorola for infringing its patents with Android phones, the two companies are now saying they might work together to build a smartphone based on the upcoming Windows Phone 7 OS. On October 11 Microsoft will unveil the first devices to run the Windows Phone 7 OS, from the likes of Samsung and LG, and reports indicate that Motorola will soon join the fray.

iPad Sales Estimated to Top 600,000

Estimating the sales of Apple's iPad has been tricky for many industry analysts so far, but advertising firm Chitika thinks it has found a viable way to get hard numbers. While most analysts have been trying to estimate the number of iPads sold by including preorders of 3G iPads in their numbers, Chitika says it is, instead, calculating exactly how many iPads there are in the wild. And the answer is more than 600,000; 603,492 at the time of this writing, to be more precise.

HP slights iPad, flaunts Flash and AIR on Slate tablet

Hewlett-Packard has begun a marketing campaign against the iPad and for its Slate tablet PC, highlighting the fact its tablet runs Adobe and AIR software and the iPad doesn't. HP is still mum on the specifications, pricing, and the release date of its Windows 7-based Slate tablet. But that hasn't stopped HP from flaunting its tablet in the days leading up to Apple's release of the iPad. Pre-orders for the iPad will start on March 12. Adobe's Flash and AIR are de facto web standards for displaying multimedia and interactive content on Web browsers. According to Adobe, over 75 percent of all video on the web uses Flash, with an even higher percentage of websites using the platform to deliver content. Apple has refused to support Flash and AIR on its mobile devices, with Steve Jobs reportedly saying that Flash is a "CPU hog" (reducing battery life) and has "security holes". Targeting the lack of Adobe Flash support on the iPad, HP and Adobe released a video (embedded below) showing the Slate playing full episodes of MTV's 'The City' and Flash games, claiming that Flash hardware acceleration on the Slate allows you to watch "hours and hours of video on a single charge".

Tablets to sell big in 2010: report

We already knew that 2010 will be the year of the tablet, thanks to rumors of an impending Apple tablet and all of the gear previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month. Now, a new report is backing that up with some hard numbers, saying that tens of millions will sell over the next 12 months.

Facebook 3.0 for iPhone

Apple has approved version 3.0 of the Facebook app, and it is now available for download from the App Store. Besides the features announced previously, a few other nice touches made it into this version as well.

Leaked: Sony Ericsson's upcoming Android phone

We know for some time now that Sony Ericsson (SE) is working on a Google Android based mobile phone, but the company has been keeping mum on details. However, pictures leaked by a Danish site appear to reveal Sony Ericsson's upcoming Android phone, and it looks like a good one.

Hands On With the New Nokia 5800

The touchscreen 3G Nokia 5800, set to launch in North America later this month, will give the mobile world a pleasant surprise. This iPhone rival brings plenty of hardware goodies, but can it compete with Apple's crown jewel?

iPhone 2.2 update gets jailbroken

If you're into iPhone gimmicks and unsupported Apple applications, DevTeam released PwnageTool 2.2 to help you jailbreak the latest <a href="">2.2 iPhone software update</a> available from Apple since Friday.