Stories by Grant Gross

Groups urge FCC to keep the Internet open

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission needs to take steps to keep the Internet free of interference from broadband providers, such as the slowing of peer-to-peer traffic and the tracking of subscribers' Web habits, several witnesses told the FCC at a hearing Monday.

NEC to acquire NetCracker for $300 million

NEC will acquire NetCracker, a U.S. software vendor focused on helping communication network providers roll out new services, for about US $300 million, the companies announced Friday.

Verizon Wireless to acquire Alltel

Verizon Wireless announced Thursday that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Alltel for US$5.9 billion, plus the assumption of debt, in a deal that will create the biggest mobile phone company in the U.S.

Steve Ballmer: IT challenges through to 2018

Improvements in processing speeds, storage space and wireless broadband will drive a new revolution in information technology, but software makers face several challenges in their efforts to keep up, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said Tuesday.

Sci-fi authors: Crystal ball gazing

If IT security professionals think they have challenges now, they should wait until new technologies such as quantum computing and devices embedded in skin arrive in the not-so-distant future, three science-fiction writers said on Monday.

E-waste recycling faces several challenges, critics say

Many discarded electronic devices in the U.S. wind up being dismantled overseas using crude and unsafe methods, partly because of a lack of markets for some electronic materials, e-waste experts told a congressional committee on Wednesday.

AT&T says it didn't censor rock band Pearl Jam

U.S. rock band Pearl Jam is crying fowl after an AT&T webcast censored politically themed lyrics by lead singer Eddie Vedder, but the telecom giant said Thursday the editing was a mistake by a contractor.