Stories by Jayesh Shinde

Lenovo Ideapad Y650

Lenovo's Ideapad series of laptops is geared at entertainment and multimedia usage. Continuing in that tradition is another noteworthy addition, the Ideapad Y650, a lightweight 16-inch laptop with an impressive slew of features.

Aten CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch

The Aten CS661 is a unique device used for hooking up two laptops through USB and transferring data easily between them. I say laptops, but in truth the device works well with any computer with a USB port. The unit is roughly the size of a chewing gum pack and extremely portable. It has two USB connector cables of different lengths, 0.9mm and 1.8m, for hooking up two computers. What I like most about the CS661 Laptop USB KVM Switch is its extemely easy-to-use nature. It doesn't require any software installation to get working. Just plug-n-play, as simple as that.

WD Scorpio Black 320GB

The WD Scorpio Black laptop drive is fast, quiet, efficient, and nearly as fast as conventional desktop drives.