Stories by Elizabeth Montalbano

Seagate replaces Watkins with chairman Luczo

Seagate Technology is replacing CEO William Watkins with Chairman Stephen Luczo, giving day-to-day control of the disk-drive manufacturer back to Luczo more than four years after he relinquished the job to Watkins, the company said on Monday.

Microsoft to file counterfeiting charges in NZ

Microsoft continues to crack down on people it believes are counterfeiting and selling its software. Yesterday the company added another 63 legal filings in 12 countries, including New Zealand, against individuals who it says are selling counterfeit Microsoft products.

Vendors launch new Open XML-interop tools

A group of vendors led by Microsoft and aimed at fostering interoperability between different document formats has unveiled several tools to help people translate among documents created in Open XML and documents that use other file formats.

Study: SharePoint, Lotus in for long collaboration fight

Microsoft and IBM have been duking it out over e-mail and messaging software for years with their respective Outlook/Exchange and Lotus Notes/Domino products. As their product lines have evolved, however, a new fight is brewing between Lotus and Microsoft's SharePoint Server as the platform of choice for enterprise collaboration strategy.

Azure aimed at moving enterprises to Web

While much will be said about Microsoft's cloud-computing strategy introduced Monday, at the heart of Windows Azure is a fairly simple goal: inspire corporate developers to rethink the way they develop software so applications can take better advantage of the Web.