Stories by Elizabeth Montalbano

Office 2007 cannot be shut down

Microsoft has no plans to add a controversial Windows Vista antipiracy feature directly to its Office 2007 suite, but will consider offering it as an add-on system, the company announced yesterday.

Only Novell to get Linux sales perk

A week after Microsoft struck a broad Linux pact with Novell, Microsoft executives made claims that they are open to considering making similar deals with Linux vendor Red Hat and other open-source companies.

Bug delays Vista another two weeks

PC manufacturers expecting to get their hands on the final version of Windows Vista on Wednesday will now have to wait a couple more weeks for the OS, according to sources familiar with the company's plans.

Vista: One DVD to rule them all

In an effort to simplify the distribution of Windows Vista and make it easier for customers to upgrade, Microsoft will include the various retail versions of the OS on one DVD instead of having separate DVDs for each Vista edition.