Stories by Elizabeth Montalbano

Opera previews new Web, mobile browsers

Opera Software ASA released two technologies to beta testing Wednesday, one that the company said gives Web browser users a more convenient way to access their most visited sites, and another that shows off the next version of the Opera Mobile browser for Windows Mobile devices.

Microsoft to add business process support to Vista

Microsoft hopes to boost the adoption of BPM (business process management) applications by adding support for Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) in the workflow layer of Windows Vista, the company has said. It also has formed an alliance of software vendors aimed at making BPEL a more mainstream technology.

Microsoft offers Vista deployment tools

Hoping to accelerate the adoption of Vista for businesses, Microsoft Tuesday unveiled tools to help companies deploy the new Windows client OS, including software that allows older versions of Windows to run virtually alongside Vista.

Sun to offer ODF plug-in for Microsoft Office

Sun Microsystems Inc. has created software that will provide translation between the file format in Microsoft Corp.'s Office 2003 suite and Open Document Format for XML (ODF). The plug-in lets people who use computers with assistive technologies to access documents written in ODF.

Ballmer: Vista won't be our last client OS

Steve Ballmer has attempted to end rumours that Windows Vista will be the last Windows client OS, claiming that Microsoft has "plenty more where that came from" at a press event to mark the consumer launch of the new OS and Office 2007 in New York.