Stories by Ginny Mies

Windows Phone 7: An in-depth look at features, interface

Microsoft took the wraps off of Windows Phone 7 Series (the official name for Windows Mobile 7) here Monday at Mobile World Congress. Slated to launch on handsets by holiday season 2010, Windows 7 is a complete overhaul from previous versions of the OS.

First look: New iPod nano with video recording

We all knew it was coming. When Steve Jobs said that there was "one more thing" at Apple's Rock and Roll event, I don't think anyone in the Yerba Buena theater was surprised when he announced that the new iPod nanos would have video recording.

LG Prada II

The LG Prada II (US$500 unlocked) improves on its predecessor in some important ways--such as by offering a physical QWERTY keyboard, 3G network capability, and Wi-Fi support. It's packed with impressive specs, but it doesn't have a vital (and increasingly common) feature: GPS.

Apple iPod Shuffle (Third Generation)

Apple's third-generation <a href="">iPod Shuffle</a> (US$80) will please minimalist-design enthusiasts: Smaller than a USB thumb drive, it is completely devoid of buttons, knobs, and a screen. While it is attractive, the Shuffle's <a href="">earbud controls</a> and VoiceOver feature might not be for everyone.

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9000

The <a href="">BlackBerry Bold 9000</a>, Research in Motion's formidable contender in the 3G market, has finally arrived. And though the Bold boasts a sleek design, a sharp display, and high-speed connectivity, it fails to impress in other areas--particularly, its call quality and its camera's image quality. As enticing as this phone is, its faults may prevent the Bold from justifying its steep price tag (the phone costs US$300 with a two-year AT&amp;T contract, and $680 with no contract).

Nokia E71 3G smartphone

As Nokia's very first 3G phone with a full QWERTY keyboard, the US$500 E71 is an all-around improvement on its predecessor, the E61. It not only has a sleeker and more sophisticated curved design, but it packs a multitude of features ideal for both business and personal use.

Microsoft shows innovative new Zune software

As expected, Microsoft will offer a new 120GB hardware model and a 16GB flash model in new blue-on-silver and all-black colour schemes. The models will be available on September 16; the Zune 3.0 media player software for Windows will be available for download that same day, and will work with all generations of Zunes.