Stories by Robert L. Mitchell

Ad blockers: A solution or a problem?

Ad blockers can make websites cleaner and faster for users, but they can also take a nasty bite out of advertising revenue. How popular are they, and what can site publishers do about them?

The scary side of virtualisation

Third-party vendors such as Trend Micro Inc. are offering add-on software to beef up the security of the hypervisor layer. But some experts worry that as the layer gets more crowded and complex, it becomes a bigger target for security attacks. For more on this topic, see our story "Hypervisor as Virtualization's Enforcer?"

The Windows 7 procrastinators

Not everyone is interested in upgrading to <a href="">Windows 7</a> -- at least not right away. Computerworld 's <a href=";pageNumber=1">survey respondents</a> who said they have no plans to upgrade reported that they just don't see enough benefit, particularly in these <a href="">tough economic times</a> , to warrant the cost of migration.

Squaring the Vista riddle

Vista, in some ways, in fact, is a better operating system than Windows XP. Unfortunately, XP's heir apparent is also the most derided and discounted Microsoft operating system since Windows Me.

Microsoft versus VMware: IT loses

As Microsoft readies Hyper-V, the new hypervisor software that forms the foundation for virtualization in Windows Server 2008, VMware is finally facing some real competition in the Windows server virtualization market. Unfortunately, Microsoft has followed in VMware's footsteps by creating its own, proprietary way of doing things, and VMware doesn't want to play along. The result: IT faces a choice between two virtualization options that are incompatible.