Stories by Brian Nadel

Three Windows 7 touch-screen laptops

With touch-screens these days capacitive digitizers work when the user disturbs an electromagnetic field on the screen's surface with a finger or specialized stylus pen. They respond to the lightest of touches and can handle several inputs at once, which means you can use complex gestures, like those supported by Apple's iPhone. Want to enlarge an image? Pull your thumb and forefinger apart. Need to rotate it? Pivot your forefinger around your thumb.

Wireless USB: Was it worth the wait?

As the Universal Serial Bus (USB) approaches its 13th birthday, like other adolescents it's eager to start thinking and acting independently. For the USB, this means chucking the cable and connecting to a wide variety of printers, keyboards, hard drives and other office peripherals without wires.

Google Latitude puts phones in their place

With a company, family and an active social life, it's hard to keep up with where my family, friends and employees are at any point in time. As a result, when I heard about <a href=";articleId=9127462"> Google's Latitude location tool </a>, I had to try it out.

Three tiny projectors light up the big screen

Whether it's to clinch a sale, show off a new product or discuss a potential acquisition, the digital projector is major part of everyday corporate work. As a result, mobile workers who need to make presentations on the road have become beasts of burden, often hauling 20 to 25 pounds of gear, including notebook, projector, and a seemingly endless array of accessories, cables and adapters.

Great gadgets for the digital nomad

When you're on the road, you can't call upon the resources that officebound employees enjoy. But whether your temporary workspace is a table at Starbucks, a hotel lobby, an airport or a client's lunchroom, you've still got to get the work done.

Large-screen notebooks: Bigger can be better

From the beginning of the age of mobility, we've been trying to squeeze more computer into smaller, lighter and more mobile notebook cases. A new generation of large notebooks with impressive displays, however, turns that idea on its head.