Stories by Oliver Rist

Exchange 2007 SP1 packed with goodies

This is what happens when your friends have kids. The kids get sick; your friend gets sick. He comes over to help with rebuilding your deck. You get sick. Or, rather, I get sick. As a dog - which is an expression I've never fully understood. But does that dissuade editors from asking for a column? Heck no. I could have been tagged in a drive-by and they'd still be looking for copy. So despite a head that feels like a beach ball stuffed with sand, I've managed to put together some details on Exchange 2007 Service Pack 1, which officially popped out from behind the secret beta earlier this week.

Printers get smarter but less secure

If you've seen my column photo, you'd know I like the occasional spoon of sugar in my coffee. (OK, four spoons, so bite me.) Point is, since Brian Chee keeps me well stocked in Hawaiian Kona coffee, I make sure to keep a box of Domino instant-dissolve sugar in the kitchen. Tear off plastic, open little metal spout on side of box, pour sugar, reactivate synaptic functionality -- simple. Then some product marketing management wizard apparently decided to fix it. Now the spout is cardboard, no longer firmly attached to the box, and inexplicably blocked by another slab of cardboard that serves no discernible purpose, yet must somehow be removed without dislodging the spout.

Vista: more whimper than bang for businesses?

Last Thursday was finally Windows Vista launch day. But though banners flew in downtown in New York, celebrating the launch of Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007, CEO Steve Ballmer made it clear that the company is anxious to move on, while business customers pegged for Vista adoption wondered whether there is really much to celebrate.