Stories by Liane Cassavoy

5 apps that keep you organised

One of the best ways to stay productive is to stay organised. After all, more work gets done when you do away with the distractions. Distractions like trying to remember what needs to be done--and when it needs to be done. Or where your files are. Or what your passwords are. Here are five apps that can help.

5 apps for mastering business meetings

Business meetings: they're sort of like the office equivalent of a root canal. But meetings don't have to be painful, drawn-out procedures. Whether you need to schedule a meeting, draft an agenda, or simply remember who was there, we have an app for you.

RIM BlackBerry 8820 (T-Mobile) PDA/cell phone

I liked the <a href=",137357/article.html">BlackBerry 8820 for the AT&T network</a> when it debuted last fall. I also liked T-Mobile's HotSpot@Home service when I tested it on the <a href=",138568/article.html">BlackBerry Curve 8320</a>, because it allows you to make voice calls over Wi-Fi. So it stands to reason that I would like the T-Mobile version of the BlackBerry 8820, which includes support for the HotSpot@Home service. And I do.

LG Glimmer cellphone

Apple's iPhone has spawned many imitators. Some have been relatively successful (see the LG Voyager), others less so. As an iPhone competitor, the LG Glimmer falls into the latter category. Judged on its own merits--and not weighed against Apple's groundbreaking device--the LG Glimmer (available from Alltel for US$130 with a two-year contract) has plenty to offer.

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8320

First came the trim, consumer-friendly BlackBerry Curve 8300. Then came the Wi-Fi-enabled BlackBerry 8820. Now there's the BlackBerry Curve 8320, an impressive PDA phone that combines the best of the previous two models and has an added bonus: While the 8820 supports Wi-Fi for data only, the 8320 lets you make voice calls over wireless 802.11b/g networks too.