Stories by Sharon Gaudin

Intel unveils updated low-power laptop

Intel unveiled an updated version of its low-powered laptop that it hopes to push from its original market of schoolchildren in third world countries to school and retail outlets in Europe and the United States.

New mashup app links BI data and Google Maps

Information Builders Monday rolled out a new mashup application for integrating business intelligence data with <a href="">Google Maps</a> without any developer coding.

Is the Intel v. AMD chip war back on?

After struggling with delayed products and bad market and mindshare woes through 2007, a lot of industry pundits started writing off AMD. And while AMD struggled, Intel held strong over the last year and a half, coming out with quad-core chips and a 45-nanometer (nm) processor family and staying well ahead of AMD's roadmap.

NASA shuttle is just the start for space robotics

As the crew of the space shuttle Endeavor gets ready to return home Wednesday night after a 16-day mission, scientists at NASA and the Canadian Space Agency credit them with taking the first step in a robotic partnership that will help humans press further out into the solar system.

Joint venture to build PlayStation chips

Toshiba, Sony and Sony Computer Entertainment plan to form a US$924 million joint venture to manufacture high-performance computer chips, including those that run Sony's PlayStation game console.