Stories by Sharon Gaudin

AMD unveils low-power Opteron processor

Advanced Micro Devices Monday unveiled five low-power quad-core server processors, and said that manufacturers are planning to use the chips in both blade and rack-mounted servers.

Intel and friends plan move to 450-mm wafers

Intel announced that it has joined with two other chipmakers in an effort to ease a move from 300-mm wafers to 450-mm wafers, which will enable each to increase production and maybe even lessen their impact on the environment.

Dell set to give Inspiron notebooks a Penryn kick

Dell is getting ready to fit several of its <a href="">Inspiron</a> notebooks with <a href="">Intel Corp.</a>'s new 45-nanometer <a href="">Penryn processors</a> .

Lenovo continues consumer push with new laptop

Continuing its dive into the consumer market, <a href="">Lenovo Group Ltd.</a> Tuesday unveiled another IdeaPad laptop.

Has a robot revolution started?

Today's giant, budget-bending robots that are run by specialists in factories and on assembly floors are evolving into smaller, less-expensive and cuter machines that clean our carpets, entertain us and may someday take care of us as we grow old. The move is akin to the shift from the mainframe world of the 1970s to the personal computers that invaded our offices and homes over the past 20 to 25 years.