Stories by Patrick Thibodeau

Sun, Fujitsu team up on server development

Sun Microsystems Inc. and Fujitsu Ltd. want corporate users to see the two companies as being joined at the hip when it comes to their jointly developed Sparc Enterprise server line. But that only applies to engineering and product development. Otherwise, the two vendors will be competing for customers.

Xensource opens virtualisation

Server virtualisation vendor Xensource has added symmetric multiprocessing support for some versions of Windows to its Xenenterprise software, as well as backward compatibility for hosting non-SMP systems running Windows 2000 Server.

'Windows Vista Capable' barely hits the mark

Configuring a PC around the minimum hardware requirements of an application or operating system is lot like agreeing to live in a basement apartment. Sure, it will work as a place to live -- if you don't mind damp and dim living conditions.

Sun's McNealy hopes for Intel-like deal with IBM

One day after Sun Microsystems Inc. <a href="">announced an alliance</a> with Intel Corp., Sun Chairman Scott McNealy was in town openly wishing for something similar with IBM Corp.

Sun's multiple processor server upgrade

Sun Microsystems has detailed an UltraSparc road map that describes a bright future for server workloads that can make use of multiple processor cores. But Sun's plans may pose challenges for users, especially those looking to upgrade in the next two years.

Virtual PCs yet to prove promise

At the Gartner consulting firm's annual data centre conference in Las Vegas last week, company analysts said virtualised desktop environments are coming and that the technology may even lead to worker ownership of laptops.

APC merger joins rivals, leaves product questions

The planned merger of American Power Conversion Corp., and French-based Schneider Electric SA -- <a href="">announced earlier this week</a> -- would combine two companies that have been competitors for data center backup power business. But it would also leave in its wake uncertainty about the companies' future product line directions.

Forrester: HP image tarnished by boardroom scandal

The perception of Hewlett-Packard by other companies has suffered somewhat as a result of HP's boardroom scandal, according to a survey by Forrester Research. But only a few HP customers said the controversy would affect their purchasing plans.

Irate US Congress slams HP execs

Hewlett-Packard officials received a tongue-lashing from members of the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee, who ridiculed HP officials, saying they have no excuse or justification for snooping on the private telephone records of HP board members and journalists.

HP revamps blade server line

Hewlett-Packard Co. last week unveiled the next generation of its blade server systems, which add improved management capabilities and technologies from its NonStop fault-tolerant line.

Sun to open source Java; no timetable set

Sun Microsystems, at its JavaOne conference on Tuesday, announced that it would open source Java but added that before it does so, company officials have to be certain the move won't lead to diverging paths in the code.

IBM unveils new Power5 Unix, Linux servers

IBM Corp. Tuesday announced a new line of Power5 Unix and Linux servers that will give users a mainframelike ability to virtualize their systems at the processor level -- a capability some users, including Whirlpool Corp., are hoping will reduce their software and hardware costs.