Stories by Patrick Thibodeau

IBM unifies midrange server lines

In one of the biggest server changes that <a href="">IBM</a> has made in recent years, the company Wednesday said that its System i midrange machines will become part of a new product line that will support every operating system in IBM's portfolio except the ones for its mainframes.

HP puts AMD chips in 32-core server

Hewlett-Packard is not only offering its customers new appliances, it's selling the house to put them in. The house, in HP's case, is a data centre; the vendor is making data centre design and consulting part of a broader portfolio of customer services.

New York's Intel probe may start new IT antitrust battle

With its launching of an antitrust investigation of Intel Corp., New York's state government is once again taking a leading role in challenging a titan of the technology industry. The state played a key role in the antitrust case against Microsoft Corp., which was settled five years ago, and by its action Thursday opens up the possibility of another landmark legal battle against a powerful and influential IT vendor.

AMD takes aim at stream processing with new chip

Advanced Micro Devices Inc. said that early next year it plans to release a high-end chip intended to speed up application performance. The FireStream 9170 could be used in everything from high-performance computing systems found in scientific research labs to security systems.

Dell says he'll be ready with PC alternatives

The question that Michael Dell, the CEO and chairman of the company that bears his name, was asked twice by a Gartner analyst was also one of the most direct sent his way. Is the PC business, Dell's core business, &quot;at risk?&quot;

Schwartz: Open source strategy at Sun will pay

Sun Microsystems's focus on releasing software products such as Java and its Solaris operating system as open source technologies leads to a question that Jonathan Schwartz, the company's president and CEO, asks rhetorically: &quot;How do we make money on this?&quot;

HP's new services solve problems

Hewlett-Packard believes most IT managers are out of the loop on the really big strategic decisions made by their companies, even if technology is central to just about everything their firm does.