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VMware CEO: Operating systems being 'deconstructed'

Tech audiences love IT gaffs, and <a href=";searchTerms=VMware+Inc.">VMware Inc.</a> delivered one during a talk by <a href=";searchTerms=Paul+Maritz">Paul Maritz</a>, the company's new CEO and president, when a dialog box popped up on one of the screens in this large cavernous hall, where thousands had gathered for his opening keynote.

Virtualisation rivals step into the ring at VMworld

VMware expects 14,000 attendees at its annual user conference in Las Vegas this week, including workers from more than 200 trade-show exhibitors. That's a 30 percent increase over last year's attendance -- clear evidence of VMware's influence. But VMworld 2008 will also be the focal point for the gathering storm of competition that the virtualisation market leader faces.

Virtualisation conference on the edge in Las Vegas

VMworld 2008, VMware Inc.'s annual user conference in Las Vegas next week, is expected be crowded with a total of 14,000 attendees, including workers from more than 200 trade-show exhibitors that are all fighting for a piece of the x86 virtualisation market.

HP puts high-end NonStop system on blades

Hewlett-Packard is making its NonStop fault-tolerant technology, the high-end, mission-critical systems widely used by banks, telecommunications providers and government emergency services for online transaction processing, available on a blade server. The company says the move will significantly lower the cost of using this technology.

HP's billion-colour monitor gets a price: US$3,499

Hewlett-Packard Co. has released a monitor aimed at animators, printers, game developers and other professionals who want to know that the colours they see on a screen will be the exact same colours that appear on a printer or movie screen.

HP: colours 'jump off the screen'

Hewlett-Packard is planning to deploy a new colour display technology it says can display one billion colours, making them far more vibrant and real, across its product lines.