Stories by Patrick Thibodeau

IBM union: Layoffs could hit 16,000 by year's end

There's always a little bit of stealth to IBM's workforce reductions. Layoffs are usually scattered across the country and in numbers small enough to avoid triggering state and federal mass layoff notification laws. And so it was this week, as IBM cut employees from its Global Business Services unit.

Forrester: IT spending will rebound in time for Windows 7 launch

Microsoft may be timing its October release of Windows 7 just about perfectly, if Forrester Research's mid-year IT forecast - improved spending by the end of the year - holds up. Forrester believes IT buyers are realising an ugly truth about this recession: They cut capital investment far more than they needed to. "We overreacted here," is how Forrester analyst Andrew Bartels describes what he believes is the collective assessment among IT buyers.

Layoffs are increasing demand for tech freelancers

Demand for contract tech workers, whether they call themselves freelancers or consultants, is increasing, but the trend isn't a green shoot -- a signal of an economic recovery. It may be more an act of desperation by companies struggling to keep up with work in the face of staff cutbacks.

Workers Losing Jobs at IBM Get Overseas Option

Some of the <a href=";articleId=9126878">workers being let go by IBM</a> in the U.S. and Canada have a chance to remain with the company -- if they're willing to move to Brazil, India, China or a dozen other lower-wage countries. But the expatriate employees would likely be paid at local salary rates.

HP expands the PC trash-to-cash market

There are many ways to get rid of your personal PC. Throw it in the basement or closet, drop it off at a local recycling center, advertise it on Craigslist, and now, sell it to Hewlett-Packard.

IT vendors cut financing rates down to nothing

Hewlett-Packard has a deal for you: zero-percent financing for up to 36 months on leases of many of its enterprise software products. The offer, announced last week, applies to software contracts worth more than US$100,000 and will be in place through January 31.

Sun doubles power of UltraSparc T2 Plus servers

Sun Microsystems Inc. today boosted the processing capabilities of its most popular Unix server line with the aim of attracting bigger IT workloads, including databases, ERP applications and large server-consolidation projects.

Gartner: Wall Street woes won't take down tech

IT spending is faring better than the overall economy, and the sector "will avoid a recession in 2008," says Gartner. But in a report sent to clients this week, the analyst firm says it believes IT budgets will show "very low year-over-year growth rates until business growth significantly improves."

Microsoft visits Wall Street to roll out HPC Server 2008

This may seem like a <a href=";articleId=326472">weird time</a> to go to Wall Street to announce a new operating system, but that's what <a href=";searchTerms=Microsoft+Corporation">Microsoft Corp.</a> did Monday. At a technology conference in New York, the software vendor formally detailed its Windows HPC Server 2008 software, a high-performance computing version of Windows offering some features that may appeal to <a href="">bailout-seeking financial services firms</a>.