Stories by Patrick Thibodeau

IBM extending sensor use beyond data centres

IBM yesterday outlined plans to expand into a new line of business that may ultimately incorporate futuristic technologies, such as paint infused with nano-sized sensors, for managing energy usage in buildings and even cities.

Tech job market stabilises, but hiring is uneven

Over the last three months, the tech job market has been stabilising and may even be improving in some areas -- particularly in management and consulting services, according to two separate reports analysing the government's most recent labour data.

Oracle breaks silence on Sun plans in ad

Oracle Corp. ended it silence Thursday on its post-merger plans for Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Unix systems in an advertisement aimed at Sun customers to keep them from leaving the Sparc and Solaris platforms.

HP hoses workstation fan noise with liquid cooling

Vendors have been moving to liquid cooling on servers to reduce heat in data centers, but Hewlett-Packard Co. said today that it is expanding use of liquid cooling on its workstations to tackle another problem: whiney and irritating fans.