Stories by Tom Sullivan

HP unwraps Cloud Assure

Hewlett-Packard on Tuesday detailed new services and software that it claims can help businesses turn to the cloud, namely by boosting security, performance, and availability.

If IBM and Sun merge, watch out Oracle and SAP

IBM and Sun Microsystems are <a href="">said to be in acquisition talks</a>, and if such a deal actually happens, it could change the course of not only IBM's but Oracle's and SAP's use of Java.

IBM extends service management beyond IT

IBM on Monday announced a host of products and services that it claims will arm customers with the technology to build new dynamic infrastructures that meld physical and digital realms.

IBM expands SaaS ecosystem

IBM on Friday detailed a new ISV partnership, a move which, on the heels of cloud-related agreements penned last week with several universities, advances the company's cloud and SaaS realm.

IBM garners most patents — again

IBM has announced that it has become the first company to earn more than 4000 patents in a single year, and also said it will ratchet up the number of technical innovations it publishes instead of seeking patent protection.

Is tech in more trouble than we think?

When the financial crisis first struck, it appeared that IT shops were prepared to weather the storm and that IT spending might hold up despite the downward economy. But a lot has happened since then.