Stories by Todd R. Weiss

IBM goes from Big Blue to Very Green

IBM is drinking its own green Kool-Aid, embarking on a huge energy-conservation project to consolidate about 3,900 of its own servers in six locations around the world, reducing power use by about 80 percent and saving US$250 million on electricity, support and software over five years.

NASA rovers in trouble on Mars

Summer dust storms on Mars are causing problems for NASA's twin Mars exploration rovers, blotting out the sunlight they need to recharge their batteries and threatening their operations on the red planet.

Google buys Postini for $625M

In a move designed to make the use of Google Apps more appealing and secure for large business users, the company has announced plans to acquire messaging security and compliance vendor Postini in a deal worth US$625 million.

Microsoft's open source complaint

Microsoft's claims that open source technologies infringe on 235 of its patents irked some IT managers, while others said they viewed the patent offensive as nothing more than a standard corporate business tactic.

Dell offers Ubuntu Linux on PCs, laptops

Only 10 weeks after asking customers what products they'd like to see, Dell says that its upcoming Linux desktop PCs and laptops will be preloaded with Ubuntu Linux. They are slated to be avilable by the end of this month.

Google's YouTube gets a heavyhitting rival

In a frontal assault on rival Google and its wildly popular online video division, YouTube, entertainment company NBC Universal and media company News Corp. now plan to launch an online video web site that will offer premium video content from more than a dozen TV networks and two major film studios.

Lotus Notes 8, Domino 8 betas available for testing

Beta versions of the next generation of IBM's Lotus Notes and Domino 8 collaboration applications are now available for free download by users who want to test the new functions and user interfaces incorporated in the products.

Dell to sell Linux boxes

After collecting some 1800 new product and service ideas from IT users and customers using an online "suggestion box," Dell said it's taking the user suggestions seriously and will soon debut and sell a new line of certified, user-ready, Linux-loaded desktop and laptop computers.

Critical software update for Symantec NetBackup users

Users of Symantec Veritas NetBackup software are being advised to immediately update their systems with newly-created patches that repair several serious security vulnerabilities that could allow remote intruders to gain access to affected systems and execute arbitrary code.

Xandros releases updated desktop OS

Linux vendor Xandros has unveiled its latest Xandros Desktop Professional Version 4 of its enterprise Linux operating system, which debuts two days before Microsoft launches the enterprise version of Windows Vista.

Trend Micro acquires IP filtering company

Antivirus and Web content security software vendor Trend Micro will add new security defenses to its products through the acquisition of Kelkea, an IP filtering and reputation services vendor.