Stories by Todd R. Weiss

EMC's Atmos cloud storage to link global data depositories

In an offering aimed at helping businesses tie together their complex data storage systems in diverse locations around the world, <a href=";searchTerms=EMC+Corporation">EMC Corp.</a> Monday unveiled its new <a href="">Atmos</a> cloud infrastructure product.

Fujitsu launches thinner 500 GB mobile SATA drives

Just in time for smaller laptop computers and other consumer devices that require smaller hard drives, Fujitsu has unveiled two new 500 GB hard drives that are thinner, use less power and take up less space in devices than previous models.

Solid state not yet on solid ground

Companies are slowly starting to more closely evaluate solid-state storage technologies, though most are still waiting for the cost to come down before implementing it.

Red Hat adds to virtualisation effort with acquisition

Linux vendor Red Hat yesterday jumped deeper into the virtualisation marketplace by announcing its acquisition of Qumranet, which offers an embedded KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) platform that will allow Red Hat to vastly expand its capabilities for customers.

NASA's Mars Lander safely touches down

After a nine-month, 422-million-mile voyage, followed by a delicate series of manuevers that slowed the Phoenix Mars Lander from about 13,000 mph to just 5 mph at touchdown seven minutes later, NASA tonight has placed a spacecraft on the Martian surface.

Sales of Linux on Dell computers still growing

As it approaches its one-year anniversary next month of selling laptop and desktop computers pre-loaded with Ubuntu Linux, Dell is continuing to expand the fledgling program to new computer models and markets.

Mars rovers return to exploration

The two Mars rovers that have been carefully conserving critical power supplies since June, when the summer dust-storm season began on the red planet, are now springing back to work as the storms subside.

Cisco's first 802.11n wireless access point

Cisco Systems is diving into the emerging 802.11n wireless market with its first 802.11n-based Ethernet access point (AP), the Aironet 1250, which will offer higher speeds and greater reliability for a wide range of enterprise-ready wireless devices.