Stories by Shelley Solheim

IBM builds security into microprocessor

IBM researchers have developed encryption technology that can be built directly into a microprocessor to help lock down data in mobile phones, PDAs (personal digital assistants), digital media players and other devices, the company said Monday.

Red Hat releases Fedora Core 5

Red Hat has released the latest version of its Fedora Core Linux community distribution with new desktop applications, security capabilities and virtualization technologies.

Red Hat outlines virtualization road map

Linux vendor Red Hat Inc. is integrating Xen virtualization technologies into the next version of its Linux operating system and working with partners to ease virtualization deployment, said the company Tuesday at an event in San Francisco.

EMC: storage will change in 2006

EMC CEO Joe Tucci predicts the storage market will undergo significant changes in 2006 due to the prevalence of emerging technologies and growth potential in new customer segments.