Stories by Diann Daniel

Geek hotels: Places a traveling techie will love

Hotels are increasingly becoming high-tech. And with good reason: People want their 24/7 connectivity and other techie requirements even when they're away from home. So hotels that want to become (or stay) successful are making sure they offer amenities like wireless or even the latest video games.

Geek chic from the '90s doesn't look so cool today

What a difference a decade makes: Can you believe you used this technology just 10 years ago, then unwound with a game of Doom? Join our look back at your first PDA love, not-so-portable music and the day long before Mac could ridicule PC.

The seven deadly sins of not listening

Do you think you are a good listener? Many people do. However, HighGain CEO Richard Anstruther says that participants in the company's listening workshops are able to identify only one to two people in their entire lives as being great listeners.