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Reseller News Women in ICT Awards 2022: and the winners are...

More than 350 attendees came together under the Reseller News roof to set a new industry benchmark for female excellence in Auckland #WIICTA

Reseller News is proud to announce the winners of the Women in ICT Awards (WIICTA) in 2022, honouring female excellence within the technology channel following an industry-defining celebration in New Zealand.

Played out in front of more than 350 attendees at Cordis in Auckland -- once again the largest ever in-person audience for the market’s leading gender diversity and inclusion (D&I) awards program -- the entire Kiwi ecosystem came together under the Reseller News roof to set a new industry benchmark for female achievement and accomplishment.

In total, 125 finalists (116 individuals and nine companies) were honoured as finalists from a pool of over 60 organisations and more than 160 nominations, spanning partner, telco, vendor and distributor businesses.

Following an intensive judging process -- selected by an executive panel of more than 70 industry leaders -- 18 winners were selected across eight categories, in addition to two highly commended acknowledgements.

The collective aim of WIICTA is to ensure as many outstanding women are endorsed through this unique awards program as possible, aligned to the collective goal of providing a platform upon aspiring female talent can shine across New Zealand.

“To all our finalists, highly commended and winners, congratulations from Reseller News,” said Cherry Yumul, vice president of Channel at Foundry. “This is an inspiring example of the deep levels of emerging and established female talent in New Zealand.”

In total, WIICTA honoured the channel across eight categories, spanning Innovation, Technical, Entrepreneur, Graduate, Rising Star, Shining Star, Achievement and D&I Champion (Company and Individual) awards.

All career stages were in the spotlight from graduate-level entrants to well-established CEOs, in addition to inspiring entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and technical experts, as well as talent rising through the ranks and consistent high-performing individuals. This was also supported by both individual and company champions of D&I initiatives.

Aligned to WIICTA was the launch of State of Gender Diversity in the Tech Channel, a newly released research report designed to examine gender D&I progress across the entire ecosystem of partners, vendors and distributors in New Zealand.

This in-depth survey was conducted by Reseller News and focuses on three core pillars of gender D&I, spanning Tech Industry, Workplace and Personal Experience.

The study is based off of the responses of 160 New Zealand-based individuals. Research was open to female, male and other gender identities, welcoming submissions from CEO to graduate levels across all company sizes, industry segments and locations.

Questions were designed to be fielded by participants across different age groups, cultural backgrounds and job functions -- spanning management, sales, operations, technical and marketing roles -- irrespective of industry tenure.

"Our aim was to independently and confidentially source a range of perspectives industry-wide, aligned to the collective goal of moving the conversation forward in relation to gender D&I within the channel across New Zealand,” Yumul added.

Also in the spotlight at WIICTA was Sinead Boucher, chief executive of Stuff, as keynote speaker and a leader with a passion for equitable, inclusive and diverse workplaces. In conversation with Cathy O’Sullivan, editor of New Zealand at CIO, Boucher shared her journey from the early years of journalism as a police reporter for The Press in Christchurch to making the bold move to become CEO and owner of Stuff following a management buyout in 2020.

Reseller News congratulates all winners, highly commended and finalists and thanks all organisations and individuals for supporting this initiative.


This award recognises a creative-thinking candidate who is a standout in bringing innovation to life through a big picture and out-of-the-box approach to business. This individual is unrivalled at converting embryonic ideas into viable working solutions through a unique thought process designed to continually push the envelope.

-- presented by Lindsay Zwart - Chief Enterprise Officer, Vodafone Business



  • Anisha Sule - 2degrees
  • Kaye Harding - Auror (formerly of Microsoft)
  • Justine Robinson - Cello
  • Tracey Cotter-Martin - Datacom
  • Alexandra Nott - Deloitte
  • Vicky McIndoe - Fujitsu
  • Trudi Allerby - Fusion5
  • Irina Winsley - Intergen
  • Jennifer Johnson - Kordia
  • Lauren Wethey - Vodafone

Winner: Tracey Cotter-Martin - Datacom

Tracey wins this award in recognition of her project work delivering tangible business results. Tracey built Datacom’s Future of Work strategy, an all-new delivery model to customers which considers the use of technology from a human-centric standpoint focusing on mindset, macro trends, industry pressure and addressing the social impact of digital operations to support the right people in the right career to achieve digital equity.



  • Shivonne Londt - Amazon Web Services
  • Lucia Oles - Cisco
  • Aimee Jones - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Kim McKay - HP
  • Sejal Shah - Ingram Micro
  • Emma Barrett - Microsoft
  • Natasha Mahony - Salesforce

Highly Commended: Natasha Mahony - Salesforce

Winner: Lucia Oles - Cisco

Lucia wins this award for her ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking as the change management lead for the robotics centre of excellence with a strong focus on customer success. Lucia played an instrumental role in a number of innovations for a financial institution customer, challenging the status quo to come up with unique solutions that set new standards for best practice in innovation through intelligent robotic automation.

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This award recognises excellence in the form of technical and engineering expertise, honouring deep domain knowledge in relation to technology products, solutions and services. This candidate has provided business value through specialised skills and competence, spanning technical, pre-sales and support roles.

-- presented by Elizabeth Kirby - Head of Strategic Alliances, Computer Concepts Limited



  • Melissa Raharuhi - Datacom
  • Annabel Heywood - Deloitte
  • Lis Jones - Fusion5
  • Tamara Haskins - Intergen
  • Devon Stewart - Leaven
  • Liz Knight - Mobile Mentor
  • Reffynda Putri - Service Dynamics

Winner: Annabel Heywood - Deloitte

Annabel wins this award for rising through the ranks at Deloitte -- receiving three promotions in three years to now become a manager in the Digital Strategy and Transformation team. After six years in the industry, Annabel has completed a significant professional development program and is now a certified Scrum Master, Prince2 Practitioner, SAFe Program Consultant and Agilist, as well a AWS certified Cloud Practitioner. 



  • Aishwarya Deshmukh - 2degrees
  • Kate James - Cello
  • Megha Koli - Kordia
  • Milina Ristic - Vodafone

Winner: Milina Ristic - Vodafone

Milina wins this award for continuing to build her expertise within the database technology domain where she claimed many accolades during her 30 years of experience. Milina delivers exceptional business value through her expertise, motivation and customer focus, alongside being instrumental in reviving Vodafone’s old database platforms to improve their reliability, which is mission critical to the business.



  • Caroline Johnstone - Amazon Web Services
  • Kezia Somerville-Petch - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Vanita Parbhu - Microsoft

Winner: Kezia Somerville-Petch - Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Kezia wins this award for specialising and studying the complete HPE product range including the competitive market landscape. Each of Kezia's configurations consistently demonstrate her passion for technology and learning the deeper elements about why products "do what they do". Kezia has participated in numerous initiatives, specifically focused around HPE’s GreenLake offering and making the procurement process even easier for the vendor's customers. 


This award recognises an enterprising candidate with a risk-taking mentality, honouring excellence in launching new ventures, products or services. This individual has a proven background in building innovation from the ground up, evident through converting market-leading ideas into viable business offerings.

-- presented by Jadzia Michna-Konigstorfer - Partner Business Manager, HP


  • Kate de Ridder - Bridgewest Ventures
  • Bianca van der Westhuizen - InPhySec Security
  • Haneka Enerio - Kambium Consulting
  • Shabana Khan - Jabra (formerly of Ingram Micro)
  • Nicole Yue Lin - Microsoft
  • Zabeen Hussain - TIMG
  • Nadia Booth - Whitelabel

Winner: Bianca van der Westhuizen - InPhySec

Bianca wins this award for being the driving force behind the expansion of the InPhySec advisory practice, expanding the consulting base to embrace infrastructure providers and high-tech start ups. Bianca has also introduced a suite of new initiatives and a subscription approach for clients built on service tiers. The suite of services she has developed involves working hard to understand the cyber security landscape through the eyes of the customer.


This award recognises a standout graduate candidate who has leveraged apprenticeship programs to start a career within the ICT industry. Open to all roles and responsibilities, this individual has made an immediate and positive impact on the business through providing a fresh perspective and high levels of professionalism. 

-- presented by Misti Landtroop - Managing Director, Palo Alto Networks



  • Jamie Bird - 2degrees
  • Sara Bahr - Company-X
  • Maisie Nattrass - Deloitte
  • Alex Hamer - Fusion5
  • Shaika Khan - Intergen
  • Justine Tacang - Kordia
  • Charlotte Gimblett - PartsTrader Markets
  • Yumi Hirako - Quanton
  • Erin Jin - Servian

Winner: Erin Jin - Servian

Erin wins this award for excelling and continuing to develop her skills after completing Servian’s first internship Summer of Tech program. Erin's attitude and willingness to share her knowledge has meant that she has excelled across multiple levels. During the next 12 months, Erin will continue to sharpen her skills and training to further her career as a machine learning engineer -- she has also been learning Scrum Master and has been studying to obtain two machine learning related certificates. 



  • Iris Keizer - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Samantha Khan - IBM
  • Venus Taare - Microsoft
  • Puruna Jin - Nextgen Distribution

Winner: Venus Taare - Microsoft

Venus wins this award for continuously maximising opportunities presented to her as a result of joining the Microsoft Aspire Experience after graduating from university. Venus was one of several Aspire hires who joined through the partnership between Microsoft and TupuToa. In her first six months since graduating, Venus has driven significant year-on-year growth in her territory, acquired new customers and is currently leading New Zealand's largest Surface market opportunity, in addition to being one of 30 worldwide Surface specialists to win a Surface Hero Award.


This award recognises a standout candidate rising through the ranks within the ICT industry, acknowledging significant advancement during the early stages of her technology career. This individual is growing in stature and importance through demonstrating outstanding business acumen, deep market expertise and high levels of professional integrity. This award is open to candidates with 10 years or less experience within the ICT industry.

-- presented by Sarah Retter - Head of Legal, Fujitsu



  • Camilla Potter - Datacom
  • Jemma Simmonds - Deloitte
  • Karen Dias - Fujitsu
  • Chloe Paterson - Fusion5
  • Taylor Shera - InPhySec Security
  • Rachael Millman - Intergen
  • Kelcy Ballantyne - IT Partners
  • Lexi Weng - PartsTrader Markets
  • Daria Sydorenko - Rush
  • Tracey Goldstine - SecureCom
  • Nadia Phillips - Umbrellar
  • Esmarelda Noble - Whitelabel

Winner: Nadia Phillips - Umbrellar

Nadia wins this award for building her expertise in Microsoft programs and workloads, and evolving from a management role to head of marketing and operations. Nadia's thought leadership and identification of processes and metrics across the Microsoft CSP distribution, Cloud Operations and Advisory businesses has led to Umbrellar reporting significant monthly revenue growth, professional services and doubling CSP reseller numbers. 



  • Zahra Dott - 2degrees
  • Devinder Kaur - Cello
  • Nicole Zhang - Kordia
  • Pubudini Prasanna - Vocus
  • Zoey Law - Vodafone

Winner: Nicole Zhang - Kordia

Nicole wins this award for working closely with business units to look for initiatives that can improve the bottom line and has been promoted twice during her six years at Kordia. One of the projects Nicole championed was the use of RPA (robotic product automation) to automate finance and provisioning processes. Nicole’s involvement with this project was end-to-end; from preparing the business case through to coding the robot, testing and go-live, generating significant cost savings for the company. 



  • Jhalak Modi - Amazon Web Services
  • Samantha Borg - Datto
  • Maham Wajahat - Exclusive Networks
  • Emily Baker - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Lydia Kronawetter - Microsoft
  • Briar Tippett - Parallo
  • Laura Foley - Sektor
  • Stephanie Pham - Westcon-Comstor

Winner: Samantha Borg - Datto

Sam wins this award for playing a pivotal role in establishing and growing Datto’s presence in New Zealand. Since she joined Datto in 2018, the region has shown impressive and consistent year-on-year growth. Sam has constantly proven her value to the business by reliably achieving and surpassing personal targets and supporting her team in exceeding group targets, demonstrating personal accountability and leadership.


This award recognises an established candidate with a strong record of achievement, acknowledging excellence in spearheading company initiatives and driving strategic change. This individual is a consistent high performer who regularly achieves standout business results and continues to assume increased levels of seniority within the organisation. This award is open to candidates with between 11-20 years’ experience within the ICT industry.

-- presented by Glen Bearman - Acting Country Manager, Cisco



  • Jamie Tait - Computer Concepts Limited
  • Rachel Primrose - Company-X
  • Brenda Huang - Digital Island
  • Sarah Retter - Fujitsu
  • Sophia Vahry - Fusion5
  • Kate Phillips - Intergen
  • Kim Lander - IT Partners
  • Leeanda Keomany - Leaven
  • Daiana Cordoba - Rush
  • Melany Knight - SecureCom
  • Elham Nobari - Servian

Highly Commended: Kim Lander - IT Partners

Winner: Jamie Tait - Computer Concepts Limited

Jamie wins this award for her sparkling sales enablement and market engagement track record that has seen her promoted multiple times throughout her career. She re-organised CCL’s portfolio of cloud services and launched a sales campaign that has increased sales leads by a factor of 10. In her previous role at Intergen, Jamie worked across all levels and parts of the business and helped to secure a nationally significant project, Te Ara Manaaki.



  • Sheryliza Catapang - 2degrees
  • Patricia Aquino - Cello
  • Nikki Knowles - Kordia
  • Penny White - Spark
  • Jody Paddy - Vocus

Winner: Penny White - Spark

Penny wins this award for demonstrating true enterprise leadership in the variety of roles that she has simultaneously undertaken. Penny has built a reputation for being a strong leader, taking on a hands-on approach to crisis management and leading on group customer communications. Penny has confidently stepped into the role as Technology Services leader, managing stakeholders through complex technology issues and taking immediate leadership of technology outcomes for the business.



  • Robyn Stacey - Dicker Data
  • Gina Tobias de Vera - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Victoria Atkins - Ingram Micro
  • Sarah McMaster - Palo Alto Networks
  • Vivien Tu - VMware

Winner: Vivien Tu - VMware

Vivien wins this award for her strong business acumen, strategic thinking and attitude, which has led to her continuous career growth in the past 15 years. Charged with managing the A/NZ region for Cloud Services, Vivien grew revenue numbers and maintains an outstanding track record in sales. Armed with mentoring skills, Vivian also uses her influence and voice at the leadership table to improve equality, pay and treatment of minorities.


This award recognises a standout candidate who has delivered an unrivalled contribution to the ICT industry, evident through outstanding professional and personal achievements. This individual has earned a reputation as an esteemed thought leader following a distinguished career as both a business leader and role model for aspiring executives. This award is open to candidates with 21 years or more experience within the ICT industry.

-- presented by Jamie Corrigan - Reseller Partner Manager, APC by Schneider Electric 



  • Michelle Varga - Cello
  • Linda Te Maipi - Datacom
  • Ali Cleary - Fujitsu
  • Rebecca Tohill - Fusion5
  • Jo Jones - Intergen
  • Angela Dellabarca - InPhySec Security
  • Stacey Ross - Silicon Systems
  • Judy Braniff - Whitelabel

Winner: Rebecca Tohill - Fusion5

Rebecca wins this award for her significant contribution as one of the original founding members of Fusion5, established 20 years ago in New Zealand. From humble beginnings with four founding members, Fusion5 has been on an exciting growth trajectory since, landing several projects of significance that the business has delivered across some of New Zealand’s most iconic companies. Due to Rebecca's continued passion, commitment to excellence and drive, the business has continued to expand.



  • Cheryl Chapman - Amazon Web Services
  • Helen Toomey - Dicker Data
  • Libby Macgregor - Lenovo
  • Vanessa Sorenson - Microsoft
  • Lynne Jeffery - Nextgen Distribution
  • Misti Landtroop - Palo Alto Networks

Winner: Libby MacGregor - Lenovo

Libby wins this award for outstanding leadership qualities and generating significant business results. Starting her career working for Computerland Southland, Libby comes with deep channel experience and her strong track record continues to shine at Lenovo, fronting business growth and deepening the vendor's relationships with key stakeholders. For the first time ever, with Libby’s leadership, Lenovo was awarded as a prime panelist on the New Zealand IT Hardware All of Government contract.



This award recognises the standout company in driving diversity and inclusion (D&I) across all aspects of the business, spanning employees, customers and key stakeholders. This organisation has gone beyond a surface-level commitment through the introduction of policies and programs to meet D&I goals, evident through targeted initiatives, strong leadership and clearly defined deliverables. This award is open to all aspects of diversity and inclusion (gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation etc)

-- presented by Stuart Speers - Managing Director of New Zealand, Servian


  • Cisco
  • Datacom
  • Dicker Data
  • Fujitsu
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • InPhySec Security
  • Microsoft
  • Spark
  • Westcon-Comstor

Winner: Spark

Spark wins this award following the creation of programs called Blue Heart focused on bringing "your whole self to work", and making a pledge to commit to diversity and inclusion. In addition, Whole Hearted aims to increase ethnicity across the business. Spark has also been intentional in weaving Te Korowai Tupu, its Māori strategy, throughout the business, embracing national identity and Māori culture. 


This award recognises an influential individual who actively drives diversity and inclusion (D&I) initiatives through mentoring and thought leadership across the ICT industry. This candidate acts as a role model for aspiring executives, cultivating diverse teams to drive change both internally and externally. This award is open to all aspects of diversity and inclusion (gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation etc)


  • Rebecca Russell - Auckland Rugby League (formerly of Datacom)
  • Frances Arns - Deloitte
  • Monique Simpson - IBM
  • Erica Yi - Ingram Micro
  • Samar Alrayyes - Microsoft

Winner: Erica Yi - Ingram Micro

Erica wins this award for her outstanding efforts in creating the ‘Breakfast Club’ to help break down barriers between non-english speakers and bridge the gaps in diversity and inclusion, while providing a safe place for members to freely express themselves and learn new skills. Erica also developed a four-stage mentorship program involving various topics, which has opened up recruitment opportunities within Ingram Micro and identified hiring gaps.