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Security bug prompts Intel shutdown of DirectX 12 support for some older processors

Security bug will limit options for a few integrated GPU users.

For computers that run both an Intel 4th-gen Core processor and uses integrated graphics, users might encounter a headache the next time they upgrade their graphics driver. 

The technology giant has revealed that several processor families are losing official support for the DirectX 12 API system, due to a potential security vulnerability that could allow escalated privileges.

Tom's Hardware spotted the update, which states that DirectX 12 support will end for the affected CPU/GPU combos starting with Intel graphics driver version The affected processor lines and their integrated graphics pairings debuted in 2013, generally coming off the market the following year, though desktops and laptops with those CPUs may have been sold for several more. 

For a sense of perspective, most of these machines would have been sold running Windows 8, like the Lenovo G50-45 above.